Personalised ‘Groom’s Book’

I created a ‘Groom’s Box’ for my husband as his wedding day present. As part of this box of treats, I created a personalised book for him via I used questions from the Oh So Cherished Grooms book but my own version online to make it more flexible for us.

Here’s a sneak peek…

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Getting suited and booted

Since I’ve been writing this blog I haven’t really posted anything about what my fiance and our Groomsmen will be wearing on the big day. Simply because up until about 3 months ago we really didn’t know.

Before Mr M and I actually got engaged, I went into a suit shop with my younger brother to look for a prom suit for him. And when I was there, I spotted a lovely grey tail suit with a white shirt and grey striped tie that I could totally imagine Mr M wearing if we ever got married. I took a photo of it to use for future reference and after we did actually get engaged, I kind of had my sights set on it for our wedding. Continue reading

My fiancé’s wedding ring arrived!

We ordered my fiance’s wedding ring off Etsy from an American jeweller as it was a design he liked and a price we could afford. And after two and a half long weeks it finally arrived!!!

It fits!! AND my fiance loves it!!

We were able to have it engraved with up to 15 letters/numbers, and we chose to have our initials and wedding date engraved into the inside of the ring.


Only 96 days till he gets to wear it forever…!!!

Wedding Nightmares

When previous Brides I’ve spoken to mentioned they had ‘wedding nightmares’ in the lead up to their wedding, I kind of brushed them under the carpet thinking IM SO ORGANISED NOTHING CAN GO WRONG, RIGHT?!?!

Uh. No. According to my first full on wedding nightmare last night, it can ALL go wrong.

Here’s what happened…

My venue wasn’t my venue – the outside looked exactly like my venue, but inside, it was actually my old secondary school hall – a grey, 1960’s, undecorated square. As I looked around at our guests, they weren’t our friends and family; they were in fact all my ex-boyfriend’s friends!! I started to panic that it was 2pm and I didn’t have my flowers and the ceremony was supposed to be starting. I went to investigate and finally found my florist – and she’d brought me blue and yellow carnations – a far cry from my ‘real life’ white bouquet (and what I was expecting in my dream). Once I had the bouquet I gave the organist the cue to start playing my aisle song – instead of the romantic song I’ve chosen, she decided to play Darth Vader’s theme tune and as I was walking my bouquet fell to pieces and by the time I was at the end of the aisle I had two droopy blue and yellow carnations left. When I got to the end of the aisle, my fiancé was so fed up of waiting for me that he’d taken off his jacket and tie and was looking very bored. Our registrar was a scatty old man with crazy white hair who didn’t know what he was doing – so much so that he didn’t do any introductions, we didn’t have any readings or vows and all he said was “you may kiss the bride”. And no one clapped. AND the kiss was terrible!


When I was telling my fiancé about this dream this morning, he was in hysterical tears of laughter (mainly at the Darth Vader part). I was in hysterical tears of laughter AND fear.

I have 98 days to go (or 3 months and 1 week) and realistically I can plan 24/7 right up until I get married. But I can’t stop things like what happened in my wedding nightmare happening in real life. Having this dream has actually relaxed me in one way – of course if this does all happen on our wedding day I will be kicking some SERIOUS butt on those who failed us, but I guess on the day the only thing that really matters is that we’re married….

P.S I think that if we didn’t have vows or declaratory words this means we didn’t actually get married….

It’s all in the name…

My future husband and I have booked our honeymoon and we’re off to Sicily in May 2014!

By then, I expect I’ll have changed my name in most aspects of my life; my bank details, with my doctor and dentist, even with the vets! So I’ll also be changing my passport! We booked our honeymoon in my married name, not really thinking too much about it (it was more of a novelty factor!), but the name on your passport has to match your booking details and so I’m now going to need a new passport!

So this week I’ve got to pop to the Post Office to pick up the forms you have to get signed by your registrar to confirm that you are getting married and will be changing your surname.

And once its on your passport you really are a Mrs… Exciting stuff!!

Our invitations

Our invitations are probably my most favourite thing in our wedding. They are amazing. I love them.

The fabulous and talented Hannah Hubbleday at Love Doodle was the genius creator of our invitations. I gave her a rather un-weddingy idea to work with; my favourite childhood book and TV programmes, The Animals of Farthing Wood but what she has created is amazing. My fiancé and I met at a nature reserve and so we wanted to tie that into our wedding somehow seeing as it wasn’t actually possible for us to get married there! And what Hannah created merged our love of the outdoors with wedding elegance.


I can’t tell you how much I’d recommend Hannah at Love Doodle; she put so much effort into creating the perfect stationery for us and even though we only sent our invitations out on Thursday, I’ve already had compliments from those who have received them!!

Please check out her website so you can see the amazing range of stationery she has already created, plus realise the scope for you to design something new with her.

Photography by Anna Clarke 


I am 140 days away from becoming a wife. 140 days. That’s not long really is it?!

However, having had 766 days (to date)  to get used to the idea, I’ve come to the realisation that I’m pretty damn excited.

If you’ve stumbled across this blog by chance, then let me introduce my story so far and our wedding to be.

My fiance and I have been engaged since July 2011.. we got engaged in Cornwall after 1 year and 4 months together. Our wedding isn’t necessarily the ‘traditional fairytale’ wedding; in fact, its a crazy mish-mash of what makes us, us. We’re having a winter woodland themed wedding in a small manor house in the countryside. We met at the nature reserve where I work and so it really sums up where we began.

Expect lots of photos and DIY projects over the next four and a half months…