Getting suited and booted

Since I’ve been writing this blog I haven’t really posted anything about what my fiance and our Groomsmen will be wearing on the big day. Simply because up until about 3 months ago we really didn’t know.

Before Mr M and I actually got engaged, I went into a suit shop with my younger brother to look for a prom suit for him. And when I was there, I spotted a lovely grey tail suit with a white shirt and grey striped tie that I could totally imagine Mr M wearing if we ever got married. I took a photo of it to use for future reference and after we did actually get engaged, I kind of had my sights set on it for our wedding.

Anyway, as our planning progressed and we decided to go all out and plan a rustic, woodland themed wedding that suited our personalities perfectly, Mr M revealed he really wanted to wear tweed on the big day. And I LOVED the idea. It was very him, very ‘us’ and perfect for our big day.

So over a year and a half we’ve been hunting high and low through high street shops trying to find affordable tweed suits! After a lot of searching, we found Next to be the best place as in their Autumn/Winter collection they have a great range of colours and styles and for relatively affordable prices. They’re not cheap, but they are good quality and I know our Groomsmen will definitely wear them again.

So with their tweed suits, all the Groomsmen including my fiance will be wearing a wine and cream checked shirt and brown smart shoes. Mr M and his Best Man will team this with a wine coloured woolen tie and waistcoat, and our three Ushers will wear a wine coloured woolen bow tie and matching braces.

Here’s a couple of our inspiration photos…

Suit ideas

And the ties, bow-ties and the braces the Groomsmen will be wearing…

ties and bowties

We weren’t sure what colour the tweed would be when we first started looking (either grey or brown), but in the end we went for a grey tweed as it went the best with the shirt and overall look.

All we need to do now is have the sleeves on the suits shortened slightly and they’re ready for the big day!!

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