Personalised ‘Groom’s Book’

I created a ‘Groom’s Box’ for my husband as his wedding day present. As part of this box of treats, I created a personalised book for him via I used questions from the Oh So Cherished Grooms book but my own version online to make it more flexible for us.

Here’s a sneak peek…

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Getting suited and booted

Since I’ve been writing this blog I haven’t really posted anything about what my fiance and our Groomsmen will be wearing on the big day. Simply because up until about 3 months ago we really didn’t know.

Before Mr M and I actually got engaged, I went into a suit shop with my younger brother to look for a prom suit for him. And when I was there, I spotted a lovely grey tail suit with a white shirt and grey striped tie that I could totally imagine Mr M wearing if we ever got married. I took a photo of it to use for future reference and after we did actually get engaged, I kind of had my sights set on it for our wedding. Continue reading

Real Weddings: a beautiful winter wonderland affair

I am SO excited to share Abi and Craig’s winter wedding with you, and it has the added bonus that this article’s release coincides with them having just celebrated their first wedding anniversary! Massive congratulations to them!!


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