We have been married for 4 weeks today!!

My lovely husband and I have been married for a whole 4 weeks today!!

Time has absolutely flown by! Its strange to think that one month ago it was Christmas Day, we were 3 days away from getting married and our spare room was full of wedding boxes! I’ll gush more about happiness when we hit our 1 month anniversary on Tuesday, but married life is pretty fab!

Here’s another sneaky wedding snap taken by one of our guests for you all to see….


We have our professional wedding photos!!!

Woooooooo!! We have our pro wedding photos back!

They arrived on disks yesterday – my only issue is that the files are SO high resolution that I’m having trouble uploading them onto anything!

I have managed to get one up to share with you though…..

RosemaryCPhotography (380 of 456)

Eeeee!! We love them!! I’ll share more as soon as I can!!

Waiting for the postman…

I have two very important things winging their way through the post to me and I am now on ‘postman watch’!

The first thing is our wedding photos; our photographer is sending our photos on a disk so that we can use the images however we want. I cant wait to see them and get started on our wedding albums! 

And the other very important thing is our thank you postcards that we ordered from Vistaprint! We decided to use a photo of us on our minimoon in Sherwood Forest rather than a wedding photo. I won’t give too much away yet, but it took over 300 takes to get ONE PERFECT PHOTO and so they’d better be perfect when we see them physically!! 

‘Real Bride-to-be’ and ‘Real Wedding Wednesday’ updates…

Firstly I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has applied to be a ‘Real Bride or Real Bride-to-be’ – I’ve had an overwhelming response which has been AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to share all your plans and wedding photos with everyone!!

This Wednesday (as in TOMORROW!) I will be revealing and introducing our first ‘Real Bride-to-be’ who also holds an extra responsibility; she will also be our regular ‘guest blogger’. This means that you will see one article a month from her where she will update you with all her plans and achievements as she progresses through her wedding planning.

In the weeks between our guest blogger’s articles, you will get to meet yet more Real Brides-to-be; every Wednesday there will be a new lady for me to introduce you to. These ladies will be sharing a pre-wedding and post-wedding article with you

PLUS, (as if all that wasn’t enough!) I will also be able to introduce you to some very wise ladies; our MARRIED ladies!! These fabulous ladies will share their wisdom, tips and hints with you which is invaluable, plus photos of their big days!

Did you get all that?! Its so exciting that I think its time for a cup of tea….