DIY Confetti

SO many people ask me about my confetti… So much so that I like to think of myself as the ‘DIY confetti queen’!

I made all the confetti for my wedding (and enough for someone else’s wedding too) and it turned out great! I mainly used rose petals, but any petals I could get my hands on I added to the collection. There’s loads of tutorials online about how to make confetti, but I think my way is the easiest and quickest. If you have a microwave you can do it too!

Step 1: Pull all the petals off the flower. If its mouldy or badly bruised then throw it out, but petals that are just ‘on the turn’ are fine – you DONT have to use fresh ones!! Flowers that are coming to the end of their shelf life are fine – you are cooking them afterall.

Step 2: Get a microwaveable plate, a piece of kitchen roll and spread the petals out evenly across the paper. It doesn’t matter if some overlap, but don’t pile it on or it’ll take longer to cook.

Step 3: Bake! I put mine in for one minute to start with, then check it, then give it as many 30 second bursts you think necessary till all the moisture is out of them. If they aren’t completely dry, when you store them they’ll go mouldy and cause the rest of your confetti to rot – not good after all your hard work!

Step 4: Once they’re moisture-free and cool, store them in an airtight container with a piece of kitchen roll to keep them fresh and smelling great!!

Some people like to put theirs in the airing cupboard once baked, but I didn’t; I kept mine in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place and even though I starting making my confetti at least 18 months before my wedding, it smelt amazing on our big day!!

If you have any questions feel free to message me!!

The bouquet dilemma

I LOVE my wedding bouquet. I can’t even describe how lovely it is. My florist, Penny, from Penny Jane Flowers in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, made me EXACTLY what I wanted.

I had two inspiration photos which I showed her and basically said ‘imagine you’re walking through a woodland and you just grab a load of flowers and greenery and tie it together – that’s what I want’.

And she made me a much prettier version of that, including pinecones that I collected from the Nature Reserve where I work, and where my husband and I met! Continue reading

Children’s goody bags

Weddings are pretty boring occasions for kids. I remember when I was little, the weddings we went to felt like they started as soon as I woke up and carried on for a couple of days (this is probably not far from reality when you take into account the amount of time a child has to keep themselves clean and their hair tidy once the Mums have preened them within an inch of their lives and the fact that by the time it’s time to leave it’s WAY past their normal bedtime). Continue reading

DIY Project: customised footwear

Last night I decided to have a go at customising some cheap canvas shoes with my personalised labels… And it worked!!

I’d REALLY like some customised Converse but at £55 but they’re out of our budget at the moment. So not to completely miss out, I bought a cheap pair of Converse style shoes from Primark and stitched my personalised labels into the tongue of the shoe.

And this is how they turned out… Continue reading

Listen up DIY ladies!!

If you are doing your venue decoration or centrepieces yourself, leave yourself at least one whole day to go through all your bags and boxes of stuff! Especially if you’re planning on boxing things up; for example, a box per table so you can set things out easier the day before etc. Continue reading

Finally finished our wedding ring box!

It’s taken me a while to finish our wedding ring box as I’ve been searching for something different to form the cushion in the base of the box rather than the usual foam or satin padding. And I’ve finally found it! Its moss!! Which fits perfectly with our rustic, woodland themed wedding.

So here’s a little photo of the final product…


I can’t wait to use it on our big day in 69 days time!!

DIY Projects: Twine wrapped jars

Decorating jars is pretty much the only thing I can tick off my rapidly growing to-do list.

It’s super easy to do, and can be done whilst sitting in front of the tv (I’ve been watching the 6th series of Sex and the City). You don’t need any glue or sticky stuff to keep it in place, all you need is twine and the ability to wrap it round a jar and tie a bow at the end! And what’s really good, is even if there’s a tiny bit of glue residue left over from the label, you don’t need to stress about scrubbing it off because it’ll be covered up by the twine anyway! Genius! Continue reading

DIY Project: Mr & Mrs Letters

One of the first things I bought when Mr M and I got engaged were some wooden Mr & Mrs letters for the top table.

I’d seen them online and thought they looked fab, so after much research to find the best value ones I bought a set. They were sanded and ready to paint so I decided I’d paint them gold; one of the accent colours in our colour scheme. Continue reading

DIY Project: glittery jam jars

I’ve got the hugest collection of clear glass jars and a mixture of different colour glass bottles sitting in one of our spare rooms at the moment. And the more I look at them, the more I’ve been wanting to do something to them!!

I’ve decorated some of my glass jars already with white, cream and champagne coloured ribbons to try and balance out some of the rustic-ness of our decoration with something a bit more elegant and bridal. But it was missing something. And that something was glitter. Continue reading