Wedding themes of 2013

I spend A LOT of time researching weddings; mainly to find things to include in my wedding! Through spending all these millions of hours on Pinterest and Google, I’ve noticed some of the wedding trends throughout the year!

So here are my top three wedding themes of 2013…


The vintage wedding theme has been creeping up in the wedding world over the last couple of years and I feel that this year it has really peaked! From vintage dresses, to vintage centrepieces, all things with a nod to the past have been REALLY popular!


As a devoted lover of all things rustic myself, I’ve noticed the popularity of natural and rustic items increasing! When we decided to have a rustic styled wedding back in 2011 we thought we were being quite original – but although I haven’t seen many UK brides taking it to quite the same level as my fiancé and I are, I have noticed more items that could be included in a rustic wedding being stocked in high street shops like The Range and Dunelm Mill which are famous haunts for brides-to-be so I guess its on the up!

Cadbury Purple

Cadbury purple is EVERYWHERE this year! On one of the wedding Facebook groups I am a part of, there is 20 Brides with Cadbury purple as the main colour in their colour scheme. I love Cadbury purple as it’s such a rich colour and looks beautiful as Bridesmaid dresses. I do think it’ll start to dip off in the next year as there have been SO many weddings this year and I think a new colour will increase in popularity.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2014!

Wedding signage inspiration

I LOVE a bit of signage. My review of the Paper Themes signage was one of my favourite product reviews I have done so far on LLLM (see here for that article).

I have made a number of signs for our wedding to help guide our guests through our big day including seating signs, bar signs, and direction signs.

So I thought I’d share with you my favourite wedding sign inspiration photos…





Our DIY ring box

When we first started planning our wedding we came across an image of a rustic wedding ring box that the Best Man could use to safely store our rings in until they’re needed during the ceremony. As we looked into it a bit more we found more inspiration photos and decided we’d have a go at making our own!

20130922-220824.jpg Continue reading

Escort card table inspiration: part two

After many hours of ‘research’ on Pinterest, we’ve decided to go ahead with our escort card display idea.

Originally we were going to hang our guest’s names on our snow covered LED tree, but we soon realised that hanging 80 names on it was going to look VERY cluttered. So now we’ve decided to buy some old wine crates and display the names in them. Our tree will still feature though; it will sit behind the boxes and we’ll hang some wicker hearts and other rustic decorations from it. In the middle of the display we will put the L & D wooden slice to personalise the display….


I love it…

Our invitations

Our invitations are probably my most favourite thing in our wedding. They are amazing. I love them.

The fabulous and talented Hannah Hubbleday at Love Doodle was the genius creator of our invitations. I gave her a rather un-weddingy idea to work with; my favourite childhood book and TV programmes, The Animals of Farthing Wood but what she has created is amazing. My fiancé and I met at a nature reserve and so we wanted to tie that into our wedding somehow seeing as it wasn’t actually possible for us to get married there! And what Hannah created merged our love of the outdoors with wedding elegance.


I can’t tell you how much I’d recommend Hannah at Love Doodle; she put so much effort into creating the perfect stationery for us and even though we only sent our invitations out on Thursday, I’ve already had compliments from those who have received them!!

Please check out her website so you can see the amazing range of stationery she has already created, plus realise the scope for you to design something new with her.

Photography by Anna Clarke