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Now my wedding report is finished (though check out tomorrow’s article about my tips & hints), we have something new starting on LLLM!

We will still be featuring other Real Weddings and showcasing great suppliers as we did before, but from now on Tuesdays will be renamed as ‘Tip Tuesday’ as we will be sharing wisdom from married ladies to help you along the way! We will also be putting together themed mood boards to give you inspiration, and finding the best deals online and on the high street for you to take advantage of!

Plus my wedding journey isn’t over just yet! I still haven’t done our photo album (more on that another time) and we have our honeymoon coming up in May which we are REALLY looking forward to!!

And remember, please get in touch! I love hearing from brides and I will help out where I can with planning and ideas. I still have loads of planning files on my computer that I’m more than happy to share, as well as stationery/sign templates!

Lots of love


OMG I’m married!!

This is my first ‘married lady’ post for the Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage blog! Woo!

So it has been just over 48 hours since my HUSBAND and I tied the knot, and it has been go, go, go ever since! What I will say for now, is that the weather was PERFECT, the dress was VERY uncomfortable, but the day was the most wonderful mix of amazing and emotional moments!


I’ll explain our big day in more detail soon and share lots of photos as soon as our photographer sends them over to us, but I just wanted to check in, say hello and let you know that I’d made it to ‘the other side’!

Wedding Nightmares

When previous Brides I’ve spoken to mentioned they had ‘wedding nightmares’ in the lead up to their wedding, I kind of brushed them under the carpet thinking IM SO ORGANISED NOTHING CAN GO WRONG, RIGHT?!?!

Uh. No. According to my first full on wedding nightmare last night, it can ALL go wrong.

Here’s what happened…

My venue wasn’t my venue – the outside looked exactly like my venue, but inside, it was actually my old secondary school hall – a grey, 1960’s, undecorated square. As I looked around at our guests, they weren’t our friends and family; they were in fact all my ex-boyfriend’s friends!! I started to panic that it was 2pm and I didn’t have my flowers and the ceremony was supposed to be starting. I went to investigate and finally found my florist – and she’d brought me blue and yellow carnations – a far cry from my ‘real life’ white bouquet (and what I was expecting in my dream). Once I had the bouquet I gave the organist the cue to start playing my aisle song – instead of the romantic song I’ve chosen, she decided to play Darth Vader’s theme tune and as I was walking my bouquet fell to pieces and by the time I was at the end of the aisle I had two droopy blue and yellow carnations left. When I got to the end of the aisle, my fiancé was so fed up of waiting for me that he’d taken off his jacket and tie and was looking very bored. Our registrar was a scatty old man with crazy white hair who didn’t know what he was doing – so much so that he didn’t do any introductions, we didn’t have any readings or vows and all he said was “you may kiss the bride”. And no one clapped. AND the kiss was terrible!


When I was telling my fiancé about this dream this morning, he was in hysterical tears of laughter (mainly at the Darth Vader part). I was in hysterical tears of laughter AND fear.

I have 98 days to go (or 3 months and 1 week) and realistically I can plan 24/7 right up until I get married. But I can’t stop things like what happened in my wedding nightmare happening in real life. Having this dream has actually relaxed me in one way – of course if this does all happen on our wedding day I will be kicking some SERIOUS butt on those who failed us, but I guess on the day the only thing that really matters is that we’re married….

P.S I think that if we didn’t have vows or declaratory words this means we didn’t actually get married….

To veil, or not to veil?

This, along with how to have my hair, is one of my big dilemmas at the moment.

When I was younger I always imagined I’d wear a veil. Then I went to my first wedding as an adult and the Bride wasn’t wearing one and that totally threw me. So I thought I’d do a few ‘to veil or not to veil’ moodboards for you all in case you’re in a similar position to me!




20130917-105907.jpgNot sure if its helped my decision at all… but there’s some beautiful ladies, veils, headpieces and dresses (and Grooms!) there!!

An exciting new chapter begins… Have YOUR wedding blogged!

Calling all Brides, Grooms and married couples!

Are you super proud of your wedding?! Are you up to your eyeballs in DIY projects to create YOUR perfect day? Do you want to share your ideas and wedding day with others?

If so, now is your chance; I want to hear from you!

I will soon be featuring a different Bride’s wedding plans each week along with my own wedding projects, to share the amazing work we all put into making our big days perfect for us. It doesn’t matter if you got married months ago, or if you still have a fair bit of time to go until your big day, I’d still LOVE to hear from you!! I will be featuring both weddings that have been, and weddings that are still to come!

If you’d like your wedding to be featured on my blog and shared with my Facebook page and Twitter, then register your interest in the comments section below (inc. a valid email address) or email me at and I will send you a submission form!

This is part one of my blog expansion and I’d love for you to be part of it!

Much love xxx