Real Bride-to-be: Jen B.

Jen B. is my first winter Bride to be featured on LLLM which is exciting seeing as I too am getting married in the winter month! This is her introduction…


Name: Jen, aged 22

Fiance’s name: Andy, aged 28

How did you meet…

It’s a bit of a boring story really but we met through a mutual friend. The day before I had vowed I was off men forever. Yet when I saw him, it was love at first sight (cheese on toast I know, but it really did happen!). We have been inseparable ever since.

Engagement story…

It was Christmas Day, 2009. We were living at my mums at this point (saving as I was 6 months pregnant), he was acting shifty all morning. I had a feeling a proposal was imminent but didn’t twig on that morning. He suddenly grabbed my hand and took me into my bedroom, couldn’t get his words out and then dropped to one knee. He pulled out a little box and almost sang “willyoumarryme?” In a nanosecond. I started sobbing and realised I still hadn’t answered him (which he later admitted he thought I was going to answer with a no). I eventually managed a nod and he took me back into the living room with the rest of the family and announced “she said yes”. It was cute but I always joke now I would have preferred a big restaurant and all the fandango haha.

Wedding date… 1st November 2013.

Wedding venue… St. Luke’s church, Heywood.

Reception venue… The Peacock Room at the Crimble, Rochdale.

Wedding party…

Kirsty, who is the maid of honour and Thomas, who is the best man. The ring bearer and page boy number one is our little monster, Taylor and page boy number two, Harry. Our flower girls are Imogen, Ehllsyie and Lana. We aren’t having any bridesmaids as we decided there were too many people we would end up upsetting if we didn’t ask their daughter/niece/sister/uncle Alfred’s next door neighbour…

Colour scheme/theme… Ivory with ice blue and silver.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

I have always wanted an ivory dress so that was the easy part. My mum bought me my shoes which are silver so that made my mind up about the colour to tie everything in with. The ice blue was the awkward one to decide on. I had seen a dress for my maid of honour which was Aubergine, which I fell in love with, Andy hated it which kind of meant tht idea was out of the window. At the same time as trying to decide on a colour scheme, we were packing to move house, and at that particular moment we were packing clothes, I had my sons football top in my hand and as me and Taylor are manchester city fans, suggested to have a pale blue colour (this was without making it obvious it was anything to do with the football top – as Andy is a Chelsea fan). He loved the idea as it wasn’t “girls” and hence our colour scheme was decided.

Describe your wedding in 10 words… a family celebration with lots of food, fun and dancing.

How much planning have you done so far…

What haven’t I done? I have my dress, shoes, underwear, bridal party sorted, gifts sorted, favours sorted, church paid off, flowers paid off, we’ll everything paid off minus the reception to be honest. I have been pretty organised so far so I can relax (kind of).

Next thing to tick off the ‘to-do’ list…

Pay off the reception and devise some sort of seating plan for the wedding breakfast. Then all I will have left to do is make the favours and just get ready and turn up.

Check back towards the end of the year for Jen’s follow up article… xx

2 thoughts on “Real Bride-to-be: Jen B.

  1. Oh hello!
    Your wedding day sounds amazing! I love the ice blue, especially for a winter wedding. If I was not red head and refused to wear red I could imagine Ciaran wanting everything in Aberdeen Football Club’s colours and he did once joke about getting married in the stadium. When he showed me the picture of a wedding cake in the shape of the stadium I am not sure he was joking…but I have moved us swiftly on 🙂

  2. He has only just twigged on its to do with football ha! It is a lovely wintery colour and I really can’t wait to get married now! Xxx


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