The controversial but honest truth about weddings

Amazingly, my husband and I have been married almost 5 months now – the time has flown by!! If I think back to 5 months before our big day, we were frantically packing, licking and sticking the seals on our invitation envelopes and getting them in the post. It was also around that time that LLLM began!!


Having had 5 months to process, analyse and evaluate our wedding, I thought I’d give you my ‘wedding truths’. Be prepared for somewhat controversial honesty from someone who literally has the t-shirt…

You will NEVER please everyone with the choices you make. Whether its the seating plan, guest list, food choice or the lack of a free bar, someone will be miffed. And they will try and make you feel guilty for it, force their experiences/beliefs/thoughts onto you. This happened so many times for us; bridesmaid dresses, top table seating, wedding cake, hen do… and that’s just a few off the top of my head! Some things we managed to dig our heels in and fend off other people’s opinions, but other things we were railroaded into decisions we wouldn’t necessarily have agreed with. I guess what you have to accept, is that the wedding is the joining of two families and so you have to take on a little bit of what the main players in those groups say, especially if they are contributing financially or with their time. But it is frustrating.

Your wedding day is the best day of your life, but it is also the weirdest, most stressful and busy day. I was pretty relaxed in the morning of my wedding day; getting ready was stress-free, there was no rushing about and our makeup and hair ladies were fab and had us ready in plenty of time. It wasn’t until the hour before that things started getting crazy – getting into your dress takes longer than it did in the shop when you tried it on if your family are helping you, especially with a lace up dress so make sure you leave yourself enough time – an hour if you can (so you can take photos too). Incidentally, it also takes longer if your mother decides SHE needs to freshen up when you have 15 mins till the big reveal and you’re in your bridal suite on  your own in your undies waiting.. but that’s another story!!. Then  it suddenly hits you as you’re waiting to walk into the ceremony room and you hear the registrar say ‘can you all stand for the entrance of the bride’… OMG I’M ABOUT TO GET MARRIED IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE pops into your head – cue either manic smile or sudden floods of tears (I had the latter). Then there is the constant hugging of EVERYONE, even people you have never met before (a lovely but odd experience), and your jaw HURTS from all that smiling. I actually did mouth-stretching exercises part way through the night when I popped up to our room for a 5 min break as I felt like I’d been chewing a really hard chewy sweet for hours because I’d been smiling SO much.

Despite speaking to everyone, you don’t actually have the time to TALK to everyone. You answer the same questions about 50 times (especially when evening guests arrive) but you don’t actually get to have a proper conversation with anyone as you’re constantly checking on your guests and doing the rounds to make sure that everyone has been greeted and has a drink etc.

Your day might not be what you expected/wanted it to be. Our ceremony was great, the food was REALLY well recieved by all our guests, our speeches went down well, but if I’m honest, I was slightly disappointed by our evening reception. There was a lot of no-shows and people didn’t bring their kids even after RSVP’ing that they’d come. A lot of our guests hadn’t seen each other for years and so they used our wedding as an opportunity to chat and catch up, which meant at some points through the night the dancefloor was a bit empty. This upset me on the evening as I’d never been to a wedding where it wasn’t packed on the dancefloor, but now I’ve had a chance to reflect, I’m glad our families got a chance to chat and catch up, as its very rare they see each other. Our DIY photobooth wasn’t used as much as we’d have liked too, though I think this was more to do with where we positioned it, so that was our fault really.

If using external suppliers/companies, you do get what you pay for. Our photographer who was a family member’s friend, took over 400 photos, but of these, there are only a handful that I love or am really happy with. Many of the issues I pick at with them, are silly rookie mistakes; things like having the venue’s cars in the background of photos, inconsistent and odd angles of photos and missed opportunities. I’m sure if we paid for a more experienced photographer the quality of the photos would have been better.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved our big day and I’m so proud of how it turned out after all the hard work we put into it, but planning a wedding IS a very stressful time as the day ends up not really being about you and your partner; its about keeping everyone else happy. Remember to take time out away from wedding planning, and line up a project for you to undertake after the wedding so you don’t have a massive void after the lead up to the big day!

And finally, being married is FAB!!!!!

OMG I’m married!!

This is my first ‘married lady’ post for the Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage blog! Woo!

So it has been just over 48 hours since my HUSBAND and I tied the knot, and it has been go, go, go ever since! What I will say for now, is that the weather was PERFECT, the dress was VERY uncomfortable, but the day was the most wonderful mix of amazing and emotional moments!


I’ll explain our big day in more detail soon and share lots of photos as soon as our photographer sends them over to us, but I just wanted to check in, say hello and let you know that I’d made it to ‘the other side’!

Happy Christmas.. and OMG I’m getting married in two days!

Happy Christmas!! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas Day with your friends and families, and big hellos to anyone who got engaged over the last couple of days!

In two days I will be getting married!! I cannot believe how time has whizzed by over the last few months! And my big day is almost here!

Tomorrow I will be heading over to our venue with a car full of decorations (plus we have roped in the Father and Brother in Law to help) to set up our venue ready for our wedding. Hopefully I will be able to share a few sneaky pictures with you all before I leave to go to ‘the other side’!


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Wedding day perfume

When I first started looking at wedding magazines and planning websites I read a few articles about buying a special wedding day perfume and so the hunt began to find my own!

I seem to have a very sensitive nose and picky tastes when it comes to fragrances as it took me a long time to find one I loved! And the one I loved was one of the last ones I looked at; Burberry Body Tender. I had a £30 gift voucher I’d earned through answering questionnaires, and Debenhams also had a 10% off day on fragrances so I ended up only paying £5.10 for my special perfume! Bargain!! And, I also received an ivory faux leather vanity case for free as part of a promotional offer! Yay! So I’ve decided I’m going to put all my jewellery and my perfume in there to keep them safe until the morning of the wedding.


Can’t wait to wear it in less than a month’s time!

P.S. A fab tip I was told my my dress shop was that if you spritz your perfume into the petticoats under your dress the fragrance will stay with you longer and you’ll be able to smell it as you move! And NEVER spray the perfume onto your dress as it can leave a greasy stain!

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