Interior Design

Now my wedding has been and gone and I have less of my own wedding projects to share with you all, phase two of Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage can begin! And phase two comes in the form of my sister blog; The Homemade Wife!

My husband and I moved into our house in August 2012 and because with the wedding being just round the corner, we did a basic decorating job; we got rid of the wallpaper throughout the house and painted everything in neutral colours. Now we are married we have the opportunity to re-decorate in a style that is more inline with our tastes.

I love the shabby chic style; I love the idea of recycling and upcycling old pieces of furniture and making them into something new. So that is what we plan to do with our house! I will be doing up some of the furniture we already have plus I’ll be scouring the internet and local secondhand shops for new pieces.

If this is something you’re interested in, then please check out my other blog!

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