My DIY veil

A few months back I had a go at making my very own DIY cathedral length veil!

It’s not perfect or wedding dress shop quality, so I don’t think I can change careers just yet, but it looks great to me! And what’s even better, is that it cost me a whole £4.04 to make!!!! I haven’t tried it on with my dress yet so it will most probably need some changes to the length, but when I put it in my hair to try it out, it looked really good!! Continue reading

To veil, or not to veil?

This, along with how to have my hair, is one of my big dilemmas at the moment.

When I was younger I always imagined I’d wear a veil. Then I went to my first wedding as an adult and the Bride wasn’t wearing one and that totally threw me. So I thought I’d do a few ‘to veil or not to veil’ moodboards for you all in case you’re in a similar position to me!




20130917-105907.jpgNot sure if its helped my decision at all… but there’s some beautiful ladies, veils, headpieces and dresses (and Grooms!) there!!