We’ve been married 3 months!

Today is our three month wedding anniversary!!

I cannot believe how quickly it is has gone; our big day seems like ages ago – plus, we’re now closer to our honeymoon in Sicily than we are to our wedding day!! Crazy!!


Married life is great. I said to my friend recently when she was in a stress about her wedding, that crossing over to the ‘other side’ is AMAZING – all the pressure is released and you feel normal again. There’s no worries about organising things (and organising other people!), you have friends/sisters/cousins instead of Bridesmaids again, and issues with the wedding that seem massive at the time seem like nothing at all now!

Getting married is FAB!!

Less than 3 months to go!

I meant to write this on the 28th when it would have been our 3 month countdown mark, but I was so busy with work I forgot!!

But yes, we now have less than three months to go!!!!! Cant believe how time is flying by!! And we still have so many things to sort out and tick off our list!

But, I have booked an appointment to have a trial of eyelash extensions next week to see if I like them and want them for my wedding day, and I also have my first dress fitting next week! Which means I should probably stop eating pizza….