Wedding Report – Shoes

My shoes took a fair bit of deciding on as despite having a massive collection of shoes, I don’t really like to wear anything other than flip flops, UGG boots or Dubarrys!

Very early on after choosing our colour scheme I bought a pair of beautiful glittery gold Kurt Geiger shoes in the sale. They were a bit tight, but I had good intentions to wear them in to loosen them up, but I never did so I sold them to another Bride who coincedentally was getting married the day after me!

I’d had some John Lewis vouchers sitting around and so I popped onto the website to see what I could find. I did have the option of going for traditional wedding shoes, but then I found some plum coloured beauties, and so I spent my vouchers on them instead! They weren’t very weddingy though, so I decided to get some shoe clips to jazz them up.

Which is when I was introduced to What Katy Did Next. This woman makes AMAZING accessories, and so I asked her to make me some heart shaped shoe clips. She ordered me in the perfect coloured sequins, and produced the most beautiful shoe clips I’ve ever seen!! I LOVE them! And they were the perfect finish to my shoes!RosemaryCPhotography (52 of 456)

I ended up only wearing my plum beauties for about half an hour though; not because they weren’t comfortable (they were like slippers!), but because as soon as the ceremony had finished we went outside into our venue’s grounds for photos. It was quite muddy out there from the torrential rain the day before and so I changed into my Dubarry work boots. Everyone laughed when I first showed our guests that I was wearing my Dubarrys as they’re not at all pretty, but they all agreed it was a genius idea by the end of the photos when my feet were dry and warm!RosemaryCPhotography (338 of 456)

During the evening I wore little ivory slipper socks from Primark; it meant I could dance the night away and not get sore feet!