Listen up DIY ladies!!

If you are doing your venue decoration or centrepieces yourself, leave yourself at least one whole day to go through all your bags and boxes of stuff! Especially if you’re planning on boxing things up; for example, a box per table so you can set things out easier the day before etc. Continue reading

My DIY Projects

Over the last two years since getting engaged, I’ve undertaken A LOT of DIY projects in order to save money. After all, there’s no point in paying someone else to do something you can quite easily do yourself for much cheaper!!

I’ve already shown you my DIY veil that I made for a tiny £4.04, but from Friday onwards, twice a week on a Monday and Friday (until I run out!) I will show you all one of the many more projects I’ve completed and perhaps it’ll help you to have a go at doing your own!

Some of the many more projects I’ve had a go at include customised clothing, venue decorations, stationery, signs for use around the venue, plus LOADS more!

Got a DIY project you’d like to share?! Get in contact and it may be featured on my blog!!