NEW on Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage!

Now my wedding report is finished (though check out tomorrow’s article about my tips & hints), we have something new starting on LLLM!

We will still be featuring other Real Weddings and showcasing great suppliers as we did before, but from now on Tuesdays will be renamed as ‘Tip Tuesday’ as we will be sharing wisdom from married ladies to help you along the way! We will also be putting together themed mood boards to give you inspiration, and finding the best deals online and on the high street for you to take advantage of!

Plus my wedding journey isn’t over just yet! I still haven’t done our photo album (more on that another time) and we have our honeymoon coming up in May which we are REALLY looking forward to!!

And remember, please get in touch! I love hearing from brides and I will help out where I can with planning and ideas. I still have loads of planning files on my computer that I’m more than happy to share, as well as stationery/sign templates!

Lots of love


Oh my goodness! SO busy!!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been SO busy!! I’ve been run off my feet with doing lots of wedding stuff!

Not only has there been LOTS of Real Bride-to-be and Post-Wedding article submissions to work through, but now we have less than 3 months to go till our own wedding, my fiancé and I have been working through the to-do list and ticking things off!

There’s been beauty treatments, dress fittings, DIY photobooth prep, plus LOADS more, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!!