Product Review: Peony and Lace Stationery

Twitter is a great place to network, and you can meet many fab companies and suppliers on there.

One of the things I’d like to achieve with the LLLM blog is find all my readers the best of the best in the wedding industry. Via Twitter I have offered my ‘services’ to review products for companies, and then publish my findings on here.

My first product review via Twitter is stationery by Peony and Lace. Continue reading

COMING SOON: Featured companies and suppliers

I’m starting to realise that LLLM is turning into a feature fabulous blog! Not only are we featuring gorgeous Real Brides and Brides-to-be, but we will also be featuring BRILLIANT companies and suppliers.

So many people want to get involved with LLLM which is frankly, AMAZING; either to become Real Brides, or share their products with you. Once again, its important for me to tell you that I get no financial benefits of any kind from sharing all this with you… But if I see something I like, I don’t see why I should be the only one to know about it!!

Some of these companies will be those I have used; Love-Doodle for example. Others are those I WANT to use. PLUS, if you like what you see, some of these FAB companies will be offering you an exclusive discount…

Keep your eyes peeled for the first company very soon…