Beauty treatment: eyelash extensions

One of the beauty treatments I’ve indulged in prior to my wedding is eyelash extensions. A friend of mine has had them for a long time now and I’ve always admired her long lashes, so I thought I’d have a trial myself and see whether I’d like them for my own wedding!

And I’m very glad I did! Continue reading

Oh my goodness! SO busy!!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been SO busy!! I’ve been run off my feet with doing lots of wedding stuff!

Not only has there been LOTS of Real Bride-to-be and Post-Wedding article submissions to work through, but now we have less than 3 months to go till our own wedding, my fiancé and I have been working through the to-do list and ticking things off!

There’s been beauty treatments, dress fittings, DIY photobooth prep, plus LOADS more, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!!