DIY Projects: personalised labels – part two

On Friday I revealed the personalised labels I’d bought from Easy2Name and showed you a sneak peek of the personalised bow-ties I’d stitches the labels onto.

Today, I’m showing you two out of three of the fur coats I’ve bought for my Bridesmaids to wear on our big day during outdoor photos  and how I’ve personalised them! Continue reading


DIY Projects: personalised labels – part one

A few months back I came across a company called Easy2Name who make personalised labels, so I decided to buy some to stitch into the clothes our wedding party will be wearing on our big day. And this was my first project; the Groomsmen’s ties and bowties! Continue reading

My DIY Projects

Over the last two years since getting engaged, I’ve undertaken A LOT of DIY projects in order to save money. After all, there’s no point in paying someone else to do something you can quite easily do yourself for much cheaper!!

I’ve already shown you my DIY veil that I made for a tiny £4.04, but from Friday onwards, twice a week on a Monday and Friday (until I run out!) I will show you all one of the many more projects I’ve completed and perhaps it’ll help you to have a go at doing your own!

Some of the many more projects I’ve had a go at include customised clothing, venue decorations, stationery, signs for use around the venue, plus LOADS more!

Got a DIY project you’d like to share?! Get in contact and it may be featured on my blog!!

My DIY veil

A few months back I had a go at making my very own DIY cathedral length veil!

It’s not perfect or wedding dress shop quality, so I don’t think I can change careers just yet, but it looks great to me! And what’s even better, is that it cost me a whole £4.04 to make!!!! I haven’t tried it on with my dress yet so it will most probably need some changes to the length, but when I put it in my hair to try it out, it looked really good!! Continue reading

Our DIY ring box

When we first started planning our wedding we came across an image of a rustic wedding ring box that the Best Man could use to safely store our rings in until they’re needed during the ceremony. As we looked into it a bit more we found more inspiration photos and decided we’d have a go at making our own!

20130922-220824.jpg Continue reading