Wedding Report – The week before our wedding!


The week before our wedding was BUSY….


Monday was my last day at work before the wedding! It was very strange to think that next time I would come into work I’d be a married lady with a different name!!


As well as it being Christmas Eve, it was also beauty day! First thing Tuesday morning I went into town to have my hair dyed, then I had to go to the jewellers to get a new earring for my cartilage piercing as it’d conveniently decided to react to the earring that’d been in the hole for 7 years!! After that I rushed across the county to have my eyelash extensions applied. It was really nice to just relax for an hour and a half as I felt like I’d been running about like crazy all morning!


Christmas Day! We had my family popping over at various parts of the day to exchange gifts etc so by the time it was bedtime we were both shattered!


Boxing Day was spent doing absolutely nothing! Dan wasn’t feeling too great as he’d come down with a cold so we just chilled out in front of the tv for most of the day. One thing we did do wedding wise was get our boxes ready to go. All our boxes of venue decorations, charger plates, centrepieces and general wedding stuff had been stored upstairs in one of our spare rooms so we brought everything downstairs so it was ready to be taken to the venue the next day.


Friday was a bit mental! First thing in the morning I popped into town to have my final sunbed session in the hope of having a ‘bridal glow’. When I got home we started to pack my car up with boxes, and then Dan’s brother and Dad arrived with their cars ready to transport the rest. We then all drove straight to the venue where we were met by my Chief Bridesmaid and her Mum and then Dan’s Mum and his Sister (one of my other bridesmaids). In all honesty having that many people there was quite stressful; I hadn’t expected to have any help so I’d got the morning mapped out in my head as to what I had to do and everyone wanted to get involved! I do appreciate their enthusiasm and the fact they made the effort to be there, but it did mean I had to go round the whole venue and check and change things as it wasn’t how I’d envisioned it in my head. Once we’d finished at the venue, we drove home, and I then drove straight onto my nail appointment! Sitting down for 45 mins while having my nails done felt like heaven as I’d been rushing round all day! Once that was done, I drove home, set up the treasure hunt for Dan to find his wedding gift, put my overnight bag into the car, said goodbye to the pups and then Dan drove me to my Mum’s house where I was staying the night. Once Dan had left, we had dinner, watched Coronation Street, another programme and then got ready for bed! I wanted an early night but didn’t get to sleep till gone 11pm as Dan was so chuffed with his gift from me that he was texting me about it. It was very strange to be sleeping in my childhood single bed again, but I feel straight to sleep once I put my phone aside and that was that!


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