Wedding Report – Rings

Choosing the design for my wedding ring was SO hard and it took me a long time to settle on one design!!

When I first started looking at wedding rings, I went into a local jewellers and told them I wanted a diamond ring. She promptly told me that only ‘snobs’ have diamonds in their wedding rings and showed me a bunch of plain rings. Which frankly, looked boring as hell and horrible. Of course I got out of there ASAP. My engagement ring is such a unique shape, but doesn’t look right with a plain band. I tried on regular plain straight bands and shaped plain bands. Neither looked right.

As soon as I put delicate or slightly fancier diamond bands next to it, it looked perfect. The second row of diamonds framed the engagement ring diamond and set it off perfectly. So the decision to have diamonds was made, but I couldn’t decide on straight or shaped.

Originally I thought I’d go for a v-shaped band to compliment the v shaped diamond. But then I saw some lovely straight diamond bands, similar to eternity rings and I loved them. Dan’s Dad is a jeweller, and so I put my requests into him for him to make me something to fit with my engagement ring and what he made was perfect! I’m very happy that I’ll be wearing it forever!RosemaryCPhotography (428 of 456)

Dan’s job is very manual and so he won’t be able to wear his ring to work. Therefore he wanted something that was cheap, good quality, but tough. So we ended up buying a tungsten carbide ring from and American seller on Etsy. It’s a hammered style which looks really different, but still smart at the same time!

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