Wedding Report – My Veil

Originally I said I didn’t want a veil.They seemed a bit stuffy, old fashioned and I thought because I was young I’d feel like I was playing ‘dress up’ with one on.

But after trying one on in the shop with my ceremony dress, I decided that I did want one; not the type I’d tried on (a fingertip length veil with crystals on) but a LONG single tier cathedral length veil!

However, I knew I couldn’t afford the ones in the bridal shop, so one afternoon I decided to have a go at making one myself! I bought the ivory tulle and the metal hair comb off eBay and followed a couple of tutorials online. It wasn’t too hard and it only cost me £4.04!!! It didn’t have any embellishment or sparkles on it at all, but I think with all the detailing on my dress, plus having the lace bolero on as well it was just right. (Check out the original article for full details).

RosemaryCPhotography (356 of 456)

Having such a long veil did get in the way a bit though; especially when walking around or when family and friends came up to hug me – they always got caught up in the veil and it tugged at my head pulling it back each time they caught it!

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