Wedding Report – My wedding dress(es)!

RosemaryCPhotography (23 of 456)I went against tradition and had TWO dresses; one for the ceremony and one for the evening reception.

After a couple of visits to different dress shops, I found my ceremony dress in November 2012 at Blushing Brides in Essex. It was COMPLETELY different to what I’d been imagining I’d wear. I had imagined myself in a fluffy princess gown, but the dress I ended up choosing was an angel sating number, lots of sparkle and a HUGE train. My dress was Essence of Australia D961. I ended up buying the shop’s sample in order to save a bit of money; it was in perfect condition and was an almost perfect fit (I just had to lose 1 inch from my back) and so it was a no-brainer to me.RosemaryCPhotography (24 of 456)

RosemaryCPhotography (22 of 456)

I was a bit insecure about my arms though and wanted something to cover me up a little. After much searching I found a long sleeved lace bolero on the Mango website and amazingly it was an almost perfect match to the colour of my dress! So I bought it and sewed it onto my bra to stop it moving around. Quite unconventionally, I wore the bolero inside my dress so that it made it look like it was part of the dress rather than a last minute addition.RosemaryCPhotography (360 of 456)

My ceremony dress was VERY fitted though and I knew I’d never make it through the whole day wearing it, so I decided to buy a second dress. My second dress was a full lace champagne dress with a slightly mermaid fit to it. I bought it less an a month before our wedding from John Lewis after I started to panic I’d be really uncomfortable in my original dress. I love my second dress and this summer I plan to do a photoshoot with Dan where we met and I’ll wear that then.image


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