Wedding Report – Bridesmaid’s Outfits

RosemaryCPhotography (132 of 456)This was never going to be an easy one and there were a few dress disasters along the way (mainly dresses not fitting and having to buy new ones!). But in the end it all worked out!

We bought mix and match burgundy satin dresses from Tesco; two of the girls were in long dresses and the third was in a knee length dress. The long dresses were £60 and the knee length dress was £50 – they were amazing quality and an amazing price so I’d definitely recommend them! The dresses aren’t the style I wanted them to wear but when we had to change the original dresses quite late in the day, these were the styles they all agreed on and they all looked lovely on the day.

To finish off the outfits, the Bridesmaids had a tartan burgundy shawl to wear outside to keep them warm which I bought off eBay for £2.49 each plus p&p.

RosemaryCPhotography (320 of 456)

Their shoes were an absolute miraculous find in the Debenhams sale; the three sizes I needed, in a perfect match to the colour of the Bridesmaid dresses!!

They also each had a pear shaped diamondesque necklace and earring set from M&S, and a pearl and diamante side headband from Primark.

And that was the outfits sorted!

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