Wedding Report – Entertainment

RosemaryCPhotography (70 of 456)Entertaining your guests is part of having a wedding and with having been to 5 weddings in the 18months leading up to our wedding, I wanted to have something a little different to what everyone in our friendship group had already seen.

Very early on in our planning I came across a clip of a harpist playing at a wedding and I knew from then on that I wanted one at our wedding. I did some research and found a nice lady called Armande with a great repertoire of music and so I booked her! For my walking in songs I chose two songs; we had Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol for the few minutes before I actually started to walk down the aisle, which then led into Flightless Bird by American Mouth (wedding song from Edward and Bella’s wedding in Twilight). When we were signing the register we had Teenage Dream (by Katy Perry) and Just the Way You Are (by Bruno Mars). Our exit song was I’m Yours (by Jason Mraz). Obviously there were no words to the songs as it was solely being played by the harp, but we could see our guests singing along once they recognised what was being played.RosemaryCPhotography (62 of 456)

I’ve added some links to videos I found on YouTube which helped me decide which songs from Armande’s extensive repertoire I wanted to choose. None of them are played by her so other harpist’s arrangements will be different, but it really helped me decide what I wanted!

We had a bit of a dilemma when it came to evening entertainment. We knew we were going to have a DJ to provide the music during the evening, but we wanted something else. We did plan to have a professional photo-booth and a caricaturist, but unfortunately a friend who got married before us used these ideas and we didn’t want to do the same, so we changed our minds.

So we decided to have a S’more Bar instead and a DIY photobooth! For the smore bar we bought tonnes of marshmallows, popped them into jars and displayed them on a table after the evening reception food came out. I made little labels for the jars so that the guests knew what they were and also if they were suitable for vegetarians. We used a little outdoor BBQ to heat up the marshmallows on sticks so that they could eat them warm from the stick or sandwich them between two biscuits. I came up with this idea because this is an activity I do at work when we have camping or bush-craft events so I thought it’d be another nice nod to where we met.

For our photobooth we bought a shower curtain from H&M that matched our theme and we borrowed Dan’s brother’s girlfriend’s backdrop frame (she’s an up and coming photographer). She set up a tripod and took photos for us and we got a bunch of great photos.

RosemaryCPhotography (417 of 456)

Our DJ was really good too. He was recommended to us by our Best Man’s sister, and because Dan told him this over the phone, he gave us a discount of £100! He was there all day, so he played music during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, right through the evening until the evening reception finished at midnight. He was a bit more than we’d budgeted for price wise, but he threw out a load of glow sticks, inflatable guitars, glow in the dark bunny ears and a load of other things during the evening and he played everything we wanted!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Report – Entertainment

    • Thanks Katie! We left a big box of props including some signs that I made and our guests loved messing about with them and having their photos taken!

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