Wedding Report – Cake

RosemaryCPhotography (69 of 456)Although Dan and I love cake, it wasn’t an area we were willing to spend loads of money on.

My sister’s friend makes amazing cakes and so we asked her if she’d make ours. She said yes and gave us free reign to choose whatever design we wanted and whatever flavour we wanted. We decided to go for four separate individual cakes, with four different flavours. Each cake had a messy marshmallow icing on the outside. The two largest 11” cakes; chocolate fudge cake and vanilla cake with raspberry filling were placed on top of a slice of a tree trunk and the two smaller 9” cakes, carrot and lemon and poppyseed were placed on glass cake stands. We also bought a small 6” fruit cake from Tesco to act as our cutting cake and to please the older generation! This was also placed on a glass cake stand and we placed our hedgehog and rabbit cake topper on top.RosemaryCPhotography (66 of 456) RosemaryCPhotography (67 of 456) RosemaryCPhotography (68 of 456)RosemaryCPhotography (438 of 456)

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