Wedding Report – Flowers

RosemaryCPhotography (6 of 456)Perhaps slightly untraditionally, other than jam jars of gypsophilia on the tables there was only one bunch of real flowers at our wedding; my bouquet.

My bouquet was a messy mish-mash of white roses, pinecones, berries, twigs and evergreens – I wanted it to look as if I had just gone into a forest and grabbed a load of natural materials and held them together. I absolutely LOVE my bouquet; its one of my most favourite things in our wedding as its EXACTLY how I imagined it. (I am currently in the process of drying it out but more on that at a later date!).


My Bridesmaid’s bouquets were made entirely out of pinecones that I’d collected from the Nature Reserve where I work and a couple of glittery berry-twigs I bought from my local garden centre. I made them myself and they are one of my favourite DIY projects that I undertook as they took a lot of love and effort to make. I was a little bit worried my Bridesmaids wouldn’t like them as they weren’t traditional bouquets, but surprisingly they loved them so I was pretty chuffed with that! I got loads of great comments from our guests about them too!


RosemaryCPhotography (320 of 456)

I also made the men’s buttonholes from pinecones and added some ivory foam roses and pheasant feathers to tie in with my white bouquet.



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