Wedding Report – Favours

RosemaryCPhotography (30 of 456)

Our favours were jars of homemade hot chocolate and marshmallow mix.

We bought the jars from IKEA, decorated them with a personalised sticker from Label Amour (crap service but lovely labels). The favours were placed on the same table as our table plan tree with a sign inviting our guests to take one home with them. I felt this worked really well as we only had about 10 left behind whereas I’ve found at other weddings I’ve been to the favours have been left on the tables and forgotten about.

The children received goodie bag which included a puzzle, car set for the boys, doll for the girls, a Beanie Baby, colouring book and colouring pencils, story book, an animal mask and bubbles. We also made a few jars of marshmallows for them which we also placed on the table plan tree table with the adult’s favours.

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