Wedding Report – BEAUTIFUL Chairs

RosemaryCPhotography (37 of 456)Pinterest first introduced me to chiavari chairs.

They’re gorgeous painted wooden beauties, and you quite often see them in American weddings. They are pretty much the opposite to the usual conference chairs that have had a cotton cover squeezed over the top. They are rustic yet wedding, and I wanted them. It wasn’t until 11 months before our wedding that I actually managed to find some we could afford though! Because being beautiful, meant they came with a high price tag, and it was something we hadn’t budgeted for. But, I managed to find a local company that had a deal on if you booked before a certain time. They’d reduced the price of a certain colour of chair (the ones I really wanted) and that put them in my price range! So I quickly sent through the deposit and they were booked! We used them for both the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, and they really finished off the look of the room.

RosemaryCPhotography (38 of 456)



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