Wedding Report – Table Decoration

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I was SO particular about our tables and the way they were to be set up. Perhaps a little too particular seeing as our table decorations were actually very simple.

They consisted of a hefty old log in the middle of the table, a gold candle stick on top of the log, different sized candles and jam jars with gypsophilia in around the edge of the log and lots of pinecones, gold pot purri and candles scattered around the base of it.

Oh, and then there was the charger plates. Dan and I travelled through Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Middlesex to get these charger plates. Why are they so special? Because they’re wooden, they’re a discontinued line and there was only just enough in East Anglia for the amount we needed! Oh, and they’d been reduced. But the most important thing was that they were the perfect addition to our table!

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We finished off the table decoration by placing a paper doily in the middle of the charger plate, a small dish dish on top of that and a pinecone with a little tag with the guest’s name on on top of that! Plus we put a copy of the menu on the left hand side of the charger plate and a mini cracker on the right hand side! It sounds a lot, but it looked really good when it was all finished! When I mentioned doilies to Dan he nearly threw up, but even he admitted it looked fab and gave the whole table the perfect finishing touch!

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Our table names/numbers were landscape A5 cards that matched the rest of our stationery placed on little gold wooden easels. The tables were named after UK woodland animals; hedgehogs (top table), owls, rabbits, newts, foxes, squirrels, badgers, fieldmice and deer.

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The top table was decorated slightly differently to the rest of the tables. On each end of the table we had large wooden candle holders with cut out hearts and across the middle infront of our seats we had a gold Mr & Mrs sign. We attached the letters onto a sequin covered piece of wood, and our florist added in bunches of gypsophilia, pinecones and cotton and surrounded it with tealights which really made it sparkle.

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