Wedding Report – Our Guestbook

We didn’t want a traditional guest book. At weddings we’ve been to in the past, guests have squashed all their messages up in the first three pages of the book, leaving 50 blank pages behind it.

We also thought that our guests would have written their personal messages in the cards they gave us, so we thought we’d do something slightly different.

Hannah made us some mad-lib cards that we could give to each guest, and they could write funny (and rude and offensive!) messages on them and then we’d be able to stick them in our guest book when we got home. Another reason for going down a slightly different route, is that when we first got engaged, Dan bought us a gorgeous ivory Italian leather guestbook and because it is so lovely I didn’t want that to get ruined with food marks when being passed round the tables. So this seemed to be the best of both worlds.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Report – Our Guestbook

  1. What a cute idea! We aren’t doing a traditional guestbook either. We are probably leaning towards doing an Instax photo guestbook, but guests will have a chalkboard that they can write a message on if they want to include that in the picture.

    • Oh that’s a nice idea! I think its nice to do something a bit different! And because everyone wrote something funny/rude it’s probably something we’re more likely to look at more frequently!

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