Wedding Report – Stationery


The journey to finding the perfect stationery was a long one.

I found Vistaprint very early on in the planning process, and ordered some fab personalised Save the Date magnets from them. I was able to upload a photo of Dan and I from our trip to Cornwall, and personalise all the writing and we had LOADS of compliments about them.

But for the ‘proper’ invitations, we really struggled. There were beautiful invites out there, but there were a couple of problems. Firstly, they were SO expensive!! Even the plain Jane ones off eBay were extortionate, and completely not what we wanted. Then we couldn’t find the colours we liked. No one did NICE gold invites – they were all gross and looked tacky. And the ones that were nice were £3 a piece. I ended up buying some from Marks and Spencer when I was a Christmas temp, but in all honesty, as beautiful as they were, they weren’t right for us or our theme.

And then a shining beacon of light appeared before my eyes; Hannah Hubbleday. This lovely, lovely lady was a graphic designer, who was branching out into wedding stationery and offered to design some for me for free (see previous article here). I jumped at the chance, told her all about our woodland themed wedding, and she produced exactly what we wanted. I couldn’t have done it better, or dreamed of it to be better. They aren’t the traditional wedding invitation you’d expect to receive, but they are us, and they fitted in with our theme completely. I LOVE our wedding stationery, and what’s better, is she didn’t just create the invites themselves, but in fact, she created the entire stationery set including RSVP cards, menus, table place name cards, table plan… EVERYTHING!! Handily, Dan’s best man owns a printing business, so he was able to print everything out for us from the PDF files Hannah sent me.

The only thing Hannah didn’t design for us were the envelopes for the invitations to go in. However I found some kraft style envelopes in Tesco; £1 for 25. The adhesive seal on the back wasn’t great though, so I bought some brown sealing tape from The Range which was wide enough to cover the flap and make sure it was secure. Then to make it a little prettier and less brown, I placed a strip of ‘Live Laugh Love’ washi tape across the middle of the sealing tape and it made it look so much better!

For the text on the front of the envelopes I downloaded a variety of different font styles from and played around with the design until I’d got it right. I then printed all the envelopes on my printer at home!






For each family I sent an invitation to, I tied the invitation, RSVP card and envelope and gift idea card together using a piece of ribbon. Our envelopes were slightly too big for the invitations so it stopped them moving about inside.. and it looked pretty! I did have to be careful with the bow made from the tying of the ribbon though, because if it wasn’t completely flat against the invite, it’d push the dimensions of the envelope into the large letter category and that’d mean paying more for stamps. I did buy a handy gadget that I’d recommend anyone DIY’ing their invitations to buy; a Royal Mail size guide. I bought mine from eBay (see previous article about the size guide here).

If you’re interested in Hannah’s amazing services, check out her website!

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