Wedding Report – Our wedding theme

At the beginning of planning, I thought only Americans (and rich, crazy, eccentric ones at that) had anything other than a colour scheme consisting of a colour with an accent shade of white or ivory.

But then I discovered Pinterest and I became an annoying British Bride with a wedding theme! But, our theme was completely personal to us; we decided to have a woodland wedding theme as it represented where we met! If we could have got married outside where we first met, we would have. But stuffy English laws mean that you have to marry in a registered, permanent structure, and unfortunately a big oak tree doesn’t cut it apparently. So we decided to bring the outside in!

Some inspiration photos from my HUGE Pinterest board…

See more from my Pinterest board here..

The term ‘rustic’ has been banded about for what seems like forever now (well, since we got engaged and I found Pinterest anyway), but that’s what we wanted. We wanted the trees outside to be decorated, trees to be used as part of the decoration inside, lots of wooden items, and natural materials in place of traditional sparkly wedding decorations.

And candles. Candles EVERYWHERE!! The contents of our theme was pretty much a fire hazard, but the end result of it is totally representative of us. And that’s what was important to us.

I visited multiple garden centres in the run up to Christmas to collect Christmas decorations made from natural materials, and I revisited the garden centres again after Christmas to pick up extra things in the sales. I spent HOURS in the Nature Reserve where I work collecting pinecones, and my colleague who is the Warden on site, set aside a bunch of logs for me to use… ‘Lauren’s Logs’ they were called. If it was made from wood, wood by-products, or had any reference to nature at all, I snapped it up.

I added new things to my collection right through the planning stages as this was the basis to our entire theme and so I needed enough of it to make the whole theme realistic.

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