Wedding Report – The beginnings of planning and choosing a venue

imagePlanning our wedding was a bit of a stop-start affair. We did lots of research and worked out a basic budget, and chose 28th December 2012 as our big day.

Then some family issues arose; so much so, that we decided to rearrange and push the date back a whole year to December 2013. Admittedly, this worked out for the best as we were able to buy a house rather than rent, and meant we had a lot longer to save for the bits we wanted.

Because of the long engagement, planning didn’t really take off until the end part of 2012; firstly we were so caught up in buying and decorating our house, but also because there was no rush! I did make a lot of DIY things in this time, and searched for and bought bargains, but other than that, not much was done.

What we did do however, is choose our wedding venue.

The venue we got married and held our reception at was the only one we viewed. I’d collected in excess of 50 brochures for different wedding venues across Essex, but this was the only one I actually liked AND could afford. There are so many beautiful venues in our area, but we were extremely restricted because of our budget.

Our venue, The Old Rectory in Brentwood, Essex, is a small country manor house, surrounded by fields of horses and cows, and is opposite to another Nature Reserve the Charity I work for manages! That in itself was a plus point, as it almost represented how Dan and I met.

The venue’s owners are very flexible and relaxed – pretty much horizontal in some respects, and gave us free reign to do as we pleased with the place. This was a major plus point to me, as I really wanted to personalise the place to make it all about Dan and I.

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