Wedding Report – How the story began

imageMy husband Dan and I met at my work place at the end of November 2009 at our annual Christmas Craft fair.

I was leading Christmas themed activities for the children, and Dan was serving cups of mulled wine and mince pies to the little old ladies, as part of his volunteering scheme run through his job. On his lunch break he came over to me and we started chatting. I was actually with someone else at the time, but I knew on that first meeting that something was going to happen between us at some point in the future.

We spoke via Facebook private messages for a few months before we eventually met up again in early February 2010. Things were extremely rocky with the guy I was seeing at the time and I decided enough was enough and we split up. Once I’d split up with my boyfriend, I told Dan straight away, but said that I didn’t want to rush things as my ex and I had been together 3 years.

Our first ‘public’ event outing at a friend’s wedding.

On Valentine’s Day itself Dan actually came over to see me as my family were away on holiday and I was house bound after having a foot operation and he felt sorry for me being all alone seeing as my then-boyfriend had other priorities. He even lent me his brother’s old crutches so that I could actually get out of the house!

Despite saying I didn’t want to rush into things, the following weekend I met Dan’s family and went out for a meal with them to celebrate his birthday.

And that was that! It was official!

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