OMG I’m married!!

This is my first ‘married lady’ post for the Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage blog! Woo!

So it has been just over 48 hours since my HUSBAND and I tied the knot, and it has been go, go, go ever since! What I will say for now, is that the weather was PERFECT, the dress was VERY uncomfortable, but the day was the most wonderful mix of amazing and emotional moments!


I’ll explain our big day in more detail soon and share lots of photos as soon as our photographer sends them over to us, but I just wanted to check in, say hello and let you know that I’d made it to ‘the other side’!

2 thoughts on “OMG I’m married!!

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! I look forward to reading your future blogs!
    Ive just created a blog as I am a wedding singer and cover a range of genres, and as you are a newlywed, I would really appreciate your feedback!
    My blog will be updated daily and include song ideas for the ‘first dance’ etc, so input from somebody who has experienced their first dance would be of great benefit.
    Thanks for your time, Danny

  2. Hi Danny,

    Thanks for stopping by! Great to see you’ve started a blog – I hope this gets you lots more clients! Definitely get on Twitter and Facebook if you haven’t already, and link every article you write to both of them – this will make sure that lots more people see wat you have to offer! Its definitely worth making a ‘page’ for song ideas – having a big list will increase your chances of being booked as they may spot a song they love!

    I hope it goes well for you!


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