Real Bride to-be: Emma


Your name… Emma

Partner’s name… Gerard

Your ages… We will be 29 and 31 when we get married in August.

How did you meet…

We met at work: the age-old cliche of two teachers getting together! He wandered down a corridor one day and I thought “Wow – who is that?”. Apparently he came into our base a week or so later and got caught up in my cheeky smile and twinkly eyes. He had exactly the same thought, and a few weeks later, after dancing around each other we made it official! I did, quite famously during this delicate time, call him ‘aloof and unapproachable’ – a phrase that continues to haunt me to this day. I fully expect to hear it during a certain speech.

Engagement story…

We got engaged in Oban, on top of Pulpit Hill as the sun sank in the sky, and the Sound of Kerrara shone with Oban’s night lights. It was a truly beautiful night- disgraced only by my crazy bobble hat and my terribly attractive mud-green duffel coat to ward off the hill. I was too busy taking pictures of the ferry, to notice Gerry on bended knee behind me. He had to call my name a few times before I even turned around. Only moments before I’d been attacking him with the bobbly bits of my hat, bopping him in the face, as we watched the sun go down! He asked; I cried; dinner and free champagne ensued.

Wedding date… Saturday 2nd of August 2014.

Wedding venue… St Mary’s RC chapel in
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

Reception venue… The Town House,
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

Wedding party…

Emma, the Bride; Gerry the Groom; Avril and James, the Groom’s parents; Robert and Janet, the Bride’s parents; Cait, Laura and Kelly, the Bridesmaids; Stephen the Best Man and Chris the Usher.

Colour scheme/theme…

Our colour scheme is a colourful mixture of teal, coral, fuchsia pink, silver grey and the Black Watch tartan! Sounds bizarre I know. The groom and his men will be in silver grey suits; the bridesmaids each in one colour, depending on skin tone, of coral, teal or pink; my father and the men on my side will be in charcoal grey Arrochal Crail kilt jackets with Black Watch to commemorate my grandfather who served with the Black Watch. Gerry, his groomsmen and father will be in their silvery grey suits, probably with teal cravat style ties.

Our theme is a ‘books and tea’ theme – my Nana has been collecting mismatched china teapots from every charity shop in the area for my centrepieces, and I’ve quite a collection of books, being an avid reader and English teacher! Gerry and I love nothing more than tea and a good book!

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

My bridesmaid Cait introduced me to Pinterest and I was hooked. Through it I saw a million and one themes, ideas, inspirations and pictures – but I kept coming back to the colours. I love teal – it’s a colour that’s associated with me I wear it so much. I love coral too, and so it began to build. Three bridesmaids meant three colours and so the pink was added. I loved the vintages kinda feel, and I was sure I’d be a DIY bride. In fact I’ve a list of DIY ideas as long as my arm!

Describe your wedding in 10 words… Bright, colourful, creative, DIY friendly; a true celebration of us!

How much planning have you done so far…

Heaps! We’ve booked the chapel and the venue, DJ and videographer; I’ve got my dress and the 3 bridesmaid dresses, our bouquets organised; artificial flower pomanders are made for the pew ends and flowergirls; and are made. I have a veil as well, but I’m unsure if I’m wearing it yet! All out stationery is bought and paid for too. Like I said, I have a huge list of DIY; cake toppers, flowers for centrepieces and decorations, bookmark favours, paper decorations and confetti too.

Next thing to tick off the ‘to-do’ list…

Next thing to tick off is the cake toppers- they need drawn, painted and then decorated to look like mini-me’s.

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