Real Bride to-be: Laura P


Your name… Laura P
Partner’s name… Mike

Ages… We’re both 26

How did you meet…

We met really randomly when we were teenagers; my best friend at the time needed to use my phone one day to text her cousin, I let her and a few weeks later I text the number to see who it was as I was confused at seeing a strange number on there, we got chatting and it went from there! We were on and off throughout our teen years because we lived in different towns, then during uni 5/6 years ago I took the plunge and started texting him again! I went down for a weekend for a catch up, which then progressed to me moving  to live with him!! Ten years later we are still together and have two beautiful boys under 2.

Engagement story…

Two years after I moved to live with Mike, we went on a break. I got a job and was going out a lot, exploring my new found freedom. Whilst on holiday
with my best friend Mike started to text me a lot saying how much he missed me etc. Two weeks later I went to visit him; we went to cinema and went back to his place afterwards where he sat on floor next to me and said all these romantic things and produced a ring!! The words “will you marry me?” never actually came out of his mouth but it certainly was an engagement ring so I knew what it was he was asking me! I was so shocked, nervous and  happy  all in one; so much so that I put the ring on the wrong finger!!

Wedding date: December
12th 2014

Wedding and reception venue… We’re still undecided but most likely to be Stevenage Leisure Centre.

Wedding party…

I have three bridesmaids: my sister Catey, my brother’s girlfriend Genna and Mike’s sister Jade. We have three Groomsmen; my brother, Dean, Mikes brother, Daniel and Mike’s brother-in-law Michael. We also have three pageboy; my two little boys Dante and Leonardo and my nephew Ryan.

Colour scheme/theme… Winter wonderland – with Christmas colours including green, red and silver.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

I love Christmas so it only seem fit to have that as our theme! There is so much you can do with it and so many pretty decorative pieces to include!!

Describe your wedding in 10 words…
my dream and happy ending; like a fairytale
in winter!

How much planning have you done so far…

I have booked and paid the deposit on my foam flowers made by the fantastic Zoe Arnold who I discovered on Facebook. I have also brought my shoes for the bridal party, bits for my DIY stationary, table runners, name holders, napkin rings, plus most of the little decorative details as I’ve been collecting for them for the past two years!! Our Save the Dates will be ready to go out with Christmas cards early December.

Next thing to tick off the ‘to-do’ list…

Booking our venue is top priority – its one of the most important things after

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