Real Weddings: two proposals, a family orientated ceremony and a pink & orange colour scheme!

20131020-213324.jpgYour name… Sarah

Partner’s name… Christopher – (known as Jamie)

Your ages… Both 23 at time of wedding

How did you meet…

We met at University. I was put in a flat with Jamie’s best friend who later went on to become Jamie’s Best Man. I met Jamie on a night out. At first he took interest in my flatmates before me!!! But within a few week we were texting and messaging each other. We went to the cinema and went shopping together while claiming we were ‘just friends’. Over the Christmas holidays while we were apart we were in constant contact and on NYE he finally got the guts to phone me to wish me a happy new year. I was at a party but was chuffed to speak to him. Where I was there were quite a few drunk people and he was convinced it was not me on the phone! Phil who would in years to come become his best man, later told me that Jamie had been distrought balling his eyes out because I wouldn’t speak to him on the phone!! Soon
afterwards, on the 16th January, it was his birthday and while he was drunk he asked me out! I told him I would speak to him in the morning. However, over the next few days I thought he was ignoring me as we’d had no contact, but it was in fact me who was ‘appearing offline’ on MSN. Finally on the 20th Jan 2009 we went to Wetherspoons for steak and grill night and after quite a few drinks, and me checking with Jamie that he still wanted to go out with me, I told him what an annoying person I can be etc, but he said he still wanted to go out with me! I love reminding him that I warned him how annoying I can be!

Engagement story…

There are two stories to our engagement; there was the moment when he proposed to me, and when we officially got engaged. On Sunday 10th October 2010,  we were staying at my Dad’s house and we’d been to a wedding the previous night. We were laid in bed and he just blurted out ‘marry me?’. It wasn’t a big proposal, but I knew it came straight from his
heart and it was truly what he was thinking. I said yes immediately; I didn’t even have to think about my answer. After a few minutes he seemed really down and grumpy which was out of character seeing as he’d just proposed and so I asked him what was wrong. It turns out that his impromptue proposal was not the proposal he wanted to do and he was annoyed he had not got my dads permission first. He had tried earlier that morning but my brother had been hovering around and so he didn’t fee it was the right moment. I could see how much it meant to him and so I agreed to keep quiet so he could ask my Dad. A couple of weeks later on 29th October, he took me out for dinner at Marco Polo in Newcastle. While we were there he got down on one knee and proposed officially with the ring we had picked out a week before. My best friend was the only one who knew about the original proposal, as she knew Jamie was intending to propose and had actually been ring shopping with him!!

Wedding date… Saturday 3rd August 2013

Wedding and reception venue… Jersey Farm Hotel, Barnard Castle


Wedding party…

Our Best Man was Phil and we had two Bridesmaids; Kirsty and Gemma. We
also had two flowergirls; Ella-Jade and Freya.

Colour scheme/theme: Bright pink and orange, with buttons and sweets!

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme… 

I used to be a waitress and worked at loads of weddings. I saw so many that looked exactly the same; red, royal blue, Cadbury purple and while they were all lovely, my inspiration came from one wedding I worked at in a marquee which was bright pink and orange. It just worked so well that I knew they were going to be the colours of my wedding!! Even though I worked at this wedding when I was 17 I still wanted them when I got married 6 years later!  Jamie was happy to go along with anything I wanted so the colours were chosen!

Describe your wedding in 10 words…
passionate, family, bright, colourful,
happy, love,content, sweets, romantic, forever.


Wedding dress story and your outfit…

I didn’t try loads and loads of dresses on; the third one I tried on I bought! It was a one of a kind Ian Stuart gown, which I believe had been used for a catwalk show. It cost £300, but when it was gone it was gone. I knew if I didn’t get it I would regret it as it was such a bargain! But, I wasn’t sure if it was definitely what I wanted. After I had it hanging in the wardrobe for a few months, I started to doubt my choice and get ‘dress wobbles’. I went shopping again and went to a few different shops before finding the Bridal Warehouse in Ascot. It was there that I found a  beautiful Veromia Gown VR61027 in Ivory and I bought it for £987.  I wore it with a pearl necklace that used to belong to my mum, as that was my way of having her close on the day, as she is no longer with us. I had a pearly tiara to match my mums pearls and it had a bit of sparkle and that made a link between dress and pearls. I also wore a broach which used to belong to Jamie’s Mum, but now belongs to Jamie’s Grandma since Jamie’s Mum passed away. It was a way of including her in the day as well.

For my shoes I wore fuscia pink Steve Madden heels with glitzy heels. I love pink and everyone assumed I would wear pink on my big day! Any other shoes would just not have reflected me or my love of pink! I did however switch to flats at times throughout the day to take the pressure off my feet!



Jamie looks good in grey and he decided early on that he wanted a grey suit. We both went to Suits Newbury to get the suits and when he saw the range of suits he had he knew he definitely wanted grey! He also choose an ivory waistcoat to go with my dress. He had a pink cravat and hanky to match the colour scheme and my Dad and Phil the Best Man who were also wearing the same suits as Jamie, had orange cravats.

Bridesmaid dresses… 

I found the type of dress I wanted for the bridesmaids very early on. I wanted to incorporate both orange and pink. I found some dresses which were mainly one colour but you could have an alternative coloured sash. I thought they would be spot on! I saw them on originally but decided to look around as I felt it was a bit risky to buy from abroad without the girls trying them on! Alfred Angelo did the same design but they were alot more expensive. In the end I bit the bullet and got them from Light in the Box but I paid extra to have them made to measure so I knew they’d definitely fit my Bridesmaids. They were about £90 each custom made. I also found some gorgeous flowergirl dresses on and decided to have one in pink and one in orange;that way my nieces could wear them again without them seeming to flowergirl-like.

Entertainment and professional services… 

Our photographer, Andrew Davies who is based in the North East was AMAZING! He was always amazing at communicating and his photos were just stunning. It was between him and another photographer, but I thought his photos had a slight edge to them. Plus, once we were married we were going to be Mr and Mrs Davies so it seemed to be the right decision!!

We couldn’t afford a videographer, so we got Jamies brother Ben to film key parts such as the ceremony speeches and first dance. They are not the clearest but its better than not having anything at all.

I booked Lisa Jones for hair and make up and she did a wonderful job; I had
a trial before hand and I was pretty easy going with what I wanted. I loved my hair the way it was done, but with it being such a windy day, I think it may have been better if I had have had an updo.

We booked the Partybooth by the Picture Book Studio, based in Hartlepool. They were amazing and Jon who ran it loved what he was doing! They were just amazing and really made the evening!

Favourite memory from your day…

The ceremony, it was just so amazing! I loved us making our own vows, Jamie vowing to always be my big spoon and I vowed to always be his little spoon! I also loved the sand ceremony as it represented us coming together and that the marriage commitment we were about to make could never be broken; as the two colour sands, once mixed could never be separated and be as they were previously. I loved what that meant. I also remember sitting
down for the meal and looking out at everyone and think wow, all of these people came for Jamie and I.


If you could change one thing…

I don’t think I would have had the cake we did. To be honest it was a big let down, but I would rather not say any more about that!

Best place to buy wedding items…

I bought most of mine from eBay, and Dainty Supplies in Washington in the NE, but close to the end I found Country Baskets…. if only I had known about that shop early on….

Your best tip for other Brides…

Just relax and enjoy the day, there will be a wedding co-ordinator the know what they are doing so let them do it. If something doesn’t go right don’t worry about it, it will not make a difference to how your day goes. Take a moment to take in the day. Dont let you bridesmaids make it into a competition on how tight they can get you into your dress! 8 weeks on I still have a mark!!

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