Chair love

Perhaps this is bit of an odd one. But I’m a little bit obsessed with pretty chairs.

I am personally not a fan of chair covers, chair sashes, or naked gold and ‘insert colour‘ (ours being bright red) conference chairs. They just don’t go with our wedding theme or suit our venue (in my personal opinion).

So I’ve been hunting for pretty chairs to hire but as soon as I’ve found some I love, I get hit by the price; they’ve all been SO expensive. But I’ve struck lucky and found some lovely chairs which are currently on offer and are considerably cheaper than before!!!

They’ll also be a lot easier to decorate; the reserved seating signs for the ceremony and the Bride and Groom signs I’ve made for the wedding breakfast were both made to fit the chairs at my parent’s house which are a very similar style to the ones I’ll be hiring. They’d still work if I had the conference chairs the venue supply but only if I didn’t have chair covers.

But now I don’t have to worry about that at all!!

These are the beauties I’m hiring…


Aren’t they lovely?!


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