Product Review: Signage from Paper Themes

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Michael from Paper Themes over the last few months about  their amazing designs of stationery and wedding signage. And now I’ve had the added pleasure of being able to review some of their products; an indoor sign and an outdoor sign.


Paper Themes sent me two from of their extensive range of signs. The first sign
is a personalised outdoor ‘road sign’  style piece. It looks really authentic; just like the signs you’d expect to see guiding you to a well-known landmark or attraction and you’d never know just from looking at it that its made from laminated card rather than metal! Plus it is completely waterproof! The writing is clear and is perfect for placing in a tree or on a fence post near to the entrance to your venue to help navigate your guest to the right place! AND the fact that it is customisable is a massive bonus as it is something you can cherish forever.

The second sign Paper Themes sent me is a gorgeous floral sign. Rather than  being made from a laminated card like the outdoor sign, this indoor sign is made from a thicker foam-board material which means it can be used indoors all year round or outside if its not raining. The pattern is absolutely lovely; a mixture of flowers, hearts along a leafy vine. It would be absolutely PERFECT for a summer country style wedding! Once again it can be personalised with your  names and a location (i.e. wedding reception, parking area etc).


AND what is even better, is that all Paper Themes’ signs are double sided – so they’re clear for people to read whatever direction they’re coming from. AND, you don’t just get one sign when you order them; you get two! For the amazing price of £20 a set!

I absolutely LOVE them!!

Make sure you check out the other designs available on their website here

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