Product Review: Peony and Lace Stationery

Twitter is a great place to network, and you can meet many fab companies and suppliers on there.

One of the things I’d like to achieve with the LLLM blog is find all my readers the best of the best in the wedding industry. Via Twitter I have offered my ‘services’ to review products for companies, and then publish my findings on here.

My first product review via Twitter is stationery by Peony and Lace.

I was sent two samples of the current stationery on offer from Peony and Lace’s 2013 collection and they are LOVELY. There’s a few things I love to see in stationery; a variety of creative designs that manage to include both modern and traditional aspects, good envelopes, and textured card where appropriate. I’d have had my own stationery printed onto textured or even wood if it’d have worked with my design or was affordable (in the case of wood!). But I digress!

Both the samples fit all my stationery loves; textured card, a mix of modern and traditional fonts and a choice of kraft or ivory envelopes. And they’re a good price point; each design of stationery is the same price which makes it easy to work out what you’re spending against your budget i.e. £2 for invitations, £1.60 for RSVP cards etc. And this price is for double sided printing so there’s no manky plain side on the reverse.


And what is also fab, is that Peony and Lace offer a design service which allows you to print at home – this is fab for Brides on a budget who want the flexibility of having beautiful stationery but the ability to print them out in their own house.

Check out their extensive design base
on their website

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