Real Bride to-be: Gemma C


Your name: Gemma C

Partner’s name: Wayne

Your ages: 23 and 27

How did you meet…

We met online at! We chatted for a while and then took the
plunge and decided to meet!! And that was that!!

Engagement story…

Our engagement started on a casual bet, that I didn’t think he’d be able to put up with me for 6 months! We chose the ring together and he gave it to me when we got home because I was too excited to wait for a proposal I knew was going to happen! 🙂

Wedding date…16th May 2014

Wedding venue… St Mary and All Saints Church, Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

Reception venue… Over Conference and community Center, Over, Cambridge.

Wedding party…

We have one Best Man; Jamie, two Groom’s Ladies; my 15 year old twin sisters Beth and Emily, we have a Chief Bridesmaid; Maisie and 3 Bridesmaids; Chloe, Leanne and Elayne.

Colour scheme/theme… Colours are a mix of blues based around Turquiose mixed with white and silver and the theme is our favourite books.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

Turquoise is my favourite colour and its all I’ve ever wanted for our big day! Wayne chose to put it with white and silver. The theme is based on the fact Wayne first messaged me on because he knew I loved Stephanie Meyers Twilight Saga as much as him from my bio. But we’re both big readers, myself more so and we’ve chosen to have our cake, table names, decoration, vows and invites based on a book theme.

Describe your wedding in 10 words…
The first chapter of our very own perfect family story.

How much planning have you done so far…

Deposit is paid on my dress; I’m paying it off monthly. We have chosen and ordered the Groomsmen suits and the Bridesmaids dresses and I’ve bought and decorated my shoes. My flowers and done and paid for and the entertainment is booked. I am doing all the food myself (nearer the time obviously!) and our cake is being made by my cousin at cost price from her business. Our DIY list is horrendously big as our wedding is on a budget and I’m DIY’ing as much as I can! I’ve started making things already and I’ve got numerous things ticked off, but there’s still loads more things to do!! The next big one is place cards; all 110 of them!!

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