Winter wedding cocktails

After the ceremony finishes, we will be offering a couple of different cocktails to our guests to keep them occupied while we’re off having photos taken.

I want something that’ll not only taste nice, but look pretty too AND not be too summery.

So here are my choices…

CocktailsSatsuma and Pomegranate Campari – Winter Wonderland Martini – Red Sparkling Sangria
Cocktails2Cranberry Tequila – Spiked Tea – Winter Solstice
Cocktail3Godiva Chocolate – Winter Mojito – Pama Kiss

For the recipes, click on the cocktail name below the photo and the components you need should pop up! To be honest though, most venue owners will probably know recipes already if they have a bar in their building! (However it is always nice to sample them yourselves at home – just to test they taste nice of course!!).

 Just looking at the pictures makes me thirsty!!! Now to whittle it down to two to present to our guests as the ‘Bride and Groom’s cocktails of choice’…

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