Listen up DIY ladies!!

If you are doing your venue decoration or centrepieces yourself, leave yourself at least one whole day to go through all your bags and boxes of stuff! Especially if you’re planning on boxing things up; for example, a box per table so you can set things out easier the day before etc.

I started sorting my boxes out just after lunch (so about 1:30pm) and it’s taken me HOURS to sort through the bags and boxes of things I’ve bought over the last two years (which I previously thought I’d been quite organised with by putting like with like) and put things into the right boxes! And I still haven’t finished yet! Including the top table, we have 10 tables; each has a variety of candles, tealights and jam jars that make up the centrepiece – so it’s nothing particularly complex. But my back is killing me now after going through everything and now I’m shattered! So after 3.5 hours I’ve called it quits and given up for today!

I’m so glad that with 69 days to go I’ve started now rather than left it till nearer the time!!

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