DIY Projects: Twine wrapped jars

Decorating jars is pretty much the only thing I can tick off my rapidly growing to-do list.

It’s super easy to do, and can be done whilst sitting in front of the tv (I’ve been watching the 6th series of Sex and the City). You don’t need any glue or sticky stuff to keep it in place, all you need is twine and the ability to wrap it round a jar and tie a bow at the end! And what’s really good, is even if there’s a tiny bit of glue residue left over from the label, you don’t need to stress about scrubbing it off because it’ll be covered up by the twine anyway! Genius!

I bought a roll of twine from Wilkinsons at the weekend and because you’re recycling jars of food, it’s really cheap too! It really only costs the price of the twine!

I’ll be using mine along with the glitter jars I made last week to store flowers and tea lights (not together obviously) and I’m hoping the mix of rustic twine an gold glitter will make a good balance between woodland wedding and traditional wedding prettiness!


Simple but effective!!

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