Every DIY Bride needs one of these!

If you’re distributing your wedding invitations by post, you NEED one of these!


Now Royal Mail has changed the size and weight restrictions for sending letters, having something simple as a bow on your invitation can push the size and weight over the limit into a ‘large letter’ size, which then makes the cost of posting them rise. I’ve heard so many stories where Brides haven’t checked the size and weight of their invitations and they’ve been held up in the sorting office or guests have been required to go to the Post Office to pay the difference!! I’ve got about 80 invites to send and I don’t want that to happen with any of mine!!

So I bought one of these fab size guides so I can check each and every one of my invitations to make sure we don’t have any problems with them! It was only £3.58 (inc. p&p) from this eBay seller and will be invaluable, even once the wedding has been and gone!

Definitely worth buying!!

One thought on “Every DIY Bride needs one of these!

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