Beauty treatment: eyelash extensions

One of the beauty treatments I’ve indulged in prior to my wedding is eyelash extensions. A friend of mine has had them for a long time now and I’ve always admired her long lashes, so I thought I’d have a trial myself and see whether I’d like them for my own wedding!

And I’m very glad I did!

The first thing to consider if you’re thinking about having them done is finding a reputable company or experienced and qualified technician – your eyes are very important and I know I wouldn’t want just anyone sticking things near them!

Another thing to think about is the amount of time they take to apply; my eyelashes took 2 HOURS to do!! The treatment requires you to lay on a table for two hours with your eyes closed with sticky pads over your bottom lashes AND YOU CANT MOVE!! Not for the fainthearted/figity!

One good thing about them though as it does dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning! After all, now all you need to do is put some foundation on the rest of your face and your eyelashes are enough of a feature so you don’t have to do too much!

However there are some ‘bad’ points about them – you have to look after them
if you want them to last. This means you can’t wear oil based products on your eyelids as it breaks down the glue holding them on (though I will be on the morning of my wedding as its only important that they’re intact for 24 hours!), you also have to be careful how you sleep – if you lay on your side your eyelashes will rub against your pillow and it’ll encourage them to fall out.

However, saying all that I’ll definitely be having them for my wedding day as they look SO pretty!!

Here’s a couple of pics of my eyelashes, with before and after shots so you can see the full extent of what they do!


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