DIY Project: Mr & Mrs Letters

One of the first things I bought when Mr M and I got engaged were some wooden Mr & Mrs letters for the top table.

I’d seen them online and thought they looked fab, so after much research to find the best value ones I bought a set. They were sanded and ready to paint so I decided I’d paint them gold; one of the accent colours in our colour scheme.

Here they are sanded and unpainted…

letters mrr

And here they are with their first coat of antique gold paint…


But as the wedding gets nearer, I’ve decided that they are a
bit too plain. Our theme consists of natural textures and muted colours, so I decided I needed to inject a little bit of glitz into it. So I added some glitter! I’ve not gone mad with the glitter, but its definitely added another element into our wedding pretty-ness. Its not really obvious from these photos, but when you see them in real-life the light picks up the glitter and they twinkle beautifully!

So here are my new and improved (and a little bit glittery) Mr & Mrs letters…

mr and mrs

I used a gold glitter paint from The Works (only £1.49!) to get the subtle glittery effect rather than using actual glitter particles. It gives a glittery finish, but not to such an extent that it’d look out of place with the natural decorations we’ll have across the whole venue.

And because I only used about a third of the bottle, so I’ve glitterised some of the other letters I’m placing round the venue…

l and d


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