Real Bride-to-be: Karly


Name… Karly

FiancĂ©’s Name… Matt

Your ages… 26 and 30

How did you meet…

We met in a pub in Portsmouth, I bumped into him at the bar and we got chatting! It was as simple as that!!

Engagement story…

Me and Matt had decided to have one last expensive holiday before we bought a house together and New York was the place I always dreamed of going to. I had completely no idea that he was going to propose. He took me to the top of the rock on Valentines Day and as a security guard was taking our photo at the top, he got down on one knee and said lots of lovely words. Many of which I didn’t hear as I was in shock. Lots of people clapped and cheered and took our photo. On returning to the hotel, Matt had planned with the hotel that our room was decorated with balloons and rose petals. He is one soppy bloke!

Wedding date… 4th October 2014

Wedding venue & reception venue… Hilton Hotel in Chilworth, Southampton.

Colour scheme/theme… Coke can red and white. Our theme is 50s vintage with a modern twist.

How did you decide on your colour scheme…

I have always been in love with the ’50s as this is the best era for curvy girls. My sister and I love roller skating and Roller Derby so this kind of inspired our wedding theme. This theme is currently really on trend with all the wedding magazines and dresses so I’m a happy lady that we’re having something popular with other Brides.

Describe your wedding in 10 words… Home made vintage touches with a twist of red class!

How much planning have you done so far…

I’m a very organised person so I have booked and paid my venue, and also I’ve booked and paid the photographer and the cake lady. I have also bought my dress and picked out suits for the boys! We’re currently making the centre pieces; we’re having fabric roses (red and red & white polka dot) and crocheting the bouquets.

Next thing to tick off the ‘to do’ list…

The next thing to do is find the bridesmaid dresses and shoes; I’ve had a nightmare trying to find dresses and shoes that are right together. The main problem I’ve had is finding the right shade of red that matches our Coke can red colour scheme.

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