Our DIY ring box

When we first started planning our wedding we came across an image of a rustic wedding ring box that the Best Man could use to safely store our rings in until they’re needed during the ceremony. As we looked into it a bit more we found more inspiration photos and decided we’d have a go at making our own!


I bought a small wooden box from The Range for £1.99, which my fiancé painted with some left-over decking stain we found in the shed. I then used a white chalk pen to decorate the outside of the box and then used my alphabet stamps and a white ink to personalise the inside of the box. Its not finished yet as I still need to find the cushion to rest the rings on and attach some ribbon to make sure they stay secure in the box, but its looking good so far.

The above photos are my inspiration photos; the first four photos we found on Pinterest and at the very bottom, there is our wedding ring box!

I love it and I’m pretty impressed with our efforts! I will update you all once I’ve got the cushion in there and its ready to be used!!


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